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Successful Church Evangelism

Successful Church Evangelism Ministry

This course will enable Christians to develop their skills in leading others to Jesus Christ. The individual Christians can set his or her own goal of reaching unsaved people for Christ and be successful.

This course is designed to mobilize a congregation into and army of soul winners. It is God’s will that His people be witnesses for Him in a world that does not know Christ. The methods and techniques taught are tried and true for equipping churches to invade Satan’s kingdom of darkness and to bring people into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. A strong evangelism ministry will cause a church to grow numerically and spiritually.

You will learn:

  • How to share your faith as you go through your daily walk
  • How to organize evangelism teams
  • How to evangelize families
  • How to use maps in evangelism
  • How to follow up on new converts
  • The basics of discipling new converts
  • Where the “Fishing Pools” are to fish for new converts
  • How to include a prayer strategy in the success of your evangelism ministry

Some of the Topics:

  • The theological mandate for evangelism ministry
  • How to share your faith
  • How to develop amd evangelism ministry plan
  • Summer evangelism
  • Year round evangelism planning
  • Targeting different segments to evangelize

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Train Christians to lead the unsaved to Christ
  • Work out strategiesfor winning people to Christ
  • Increase the male population in your church
  • Organize Evangelism Harvest Events to win many people to Christ
  • Cut down on the loss of new members from the church

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