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Pastoring With A Purpose [Spring]

Pastoring With A Purpose  Part 2 [Spring Term] A Church Growth Course (14 Weeks)

  • How to overcome barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your church goals
  • How to be a more successful pastor
  • Why the pastor should teach a Bible class in His church
  • How to pay less taxes legally
  • How to train your people to give more
  • How to get more men into the church
  • You’ll Know how to Build a leadership core
  • How to move a church from traditional to being a New Testament Church

Spiritual Development

  • How to develop a praying church
  • How to have a youth ministry that will lead teenagers to Christ
    • How to help teenagers grow spiritually
    • How to help cut down on teenagers having children out of wedlock
    • How to help keep your teenagers from using drugs
    • How to organize youth workers
  • Singles Ministry
    • Learn the real needs of single women in the church
    • Learn what is involved in a single parents ministry
  • How to communicate what you expect of your church members
  • How to help new members come to church and get involved through a Spiritual Sister and Brother ministry
  • Why the pastor needs to have other trained biblical counselors besides himself
    • The need for a church counseling ministry
    • How trained biblical counselors help single parents
    • How trained couinselors can help lift the pastoral counseling load from the pastor
    • Why deacons are more effective when they have been trained to counsel biblically

Christian Education

  • Why every church should have a new member class
  • What should be in a new members class curriculum
  • The importance of the Sunday School for church growth
  • How to train Sunday School superintendents
  • How to train Sunday School teachers
  • Leadership training
  • Marriage training
  • Deacon (Trustee) training
  • Tithing training material

Family Ministry

  • How to develop a ministry to families
  • How to minister to your wife and children
  • Family evangelism
  • Special resource people and organizations that can help your families
  • How to train female members of your church to win their husband to Christ

Church Finance and Property

  • The purpose of church finances
  • How to develop Christians to give
  • Pastor’s income tax
  • How to train your church to pay you a fair income
  • How to manage church finances and record keeping
  • What you must have in place in order for a bank to give you a loan
  • What you must have in place in order to receive a foundation grant

Preaching with a Purpose

  • How to preach for spiritual change and growth
  • Preaching that causes your members to study the Bible
  • Preaching to life’s problems


  • Why the pastor can usevolunteerhelp
  • How to develop a volunteer staff
  • Why every pastor needs a secretary
  • How to develop a paid part-time and full-time staff

Church Discipline

  • What the Bible teaches about it
  • What are the blessings of church discipline
  • What are the problems of church discipline


  • Right away, you will be able to put things you are learning into action
  • You will be able to discuss your ministry problems with an experienced group of pastors who will try to help resolve your problems
  • You will be able to save money when purchasing training materials for your church
  • You will save hours of research on how to start or change a ministry in your church

What You Receive

  • An evangelism ministry plan you can use in your church
  • For every area of church development, you will receive a resource list for further help
  • Forms for training your leaders to keep better minutes of their meetings
  • Free printed resources that you especially need for your church

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