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Pastoring With A Purpose [Fall]

Pastoring With A Purpose  Part 1 [Fall Term] A Church Growth Course (14 Weeks)

  • How to overcome barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your church goals
  • How to be a more successful pastor
  • Why the pastor should teach a Bible class in His church
  • How to pay less taxes legally
  • How to train your people to give more
  • How to get more men into the church
  • You’ll Know how to Build a leadership core
  • How to move a church from traditional to being a New Testament Church

The Purpose of the Pastor

  • The importance of the Pastor
  • Why is it important to review your call as a pastor?
  • 19 things a pastor must do as a Christian
  • The importance of a pastor having a vision
  • How to develop your God-given vision for your church
  • How to communicate your vision to motivate your congregation
  • Learn the difference between a principle and a method

The Purpose of the Church
(Administration and Leadership)

  • Understanding the purpose of the church
  • Learn what is church management
  • Learn the 12 steps of planning
  • Sample job description of your church leaders
  • Learn how to train your leaders how to keep record of ministry accomplishments
  • Learn 8 ministries that must be developed in your church for spiritual and numrical growth
  • How to develop leadership
  • How to communicate what you expect of yours leaders
  • How to communicate what you expect of your members
  • How to develop your associate ministers
  • How to train your associate ministers to help you accomplish your ministry goals
  • How to determine if a man has been called to the ministry
  • How to help them prepare for the ministry
  • How to write a volunteer job analysis for your associate ministers
  • Learn the importance of “putting it” on paper and how to communicate what you want your leaders to accomplish
  • How to promote your church in the community
  • Learn the levels of leadership and responsibility

Evangelism Ministry

  • How to plan an evangelism ministry
  • How to train your church members to win others to Christ
  • Learn how to set up an evangelism system in your church for success
  • Learn what is contact calling
  • Learn the difference between adding members to your church versus adding members to your church by multiplication
  • How to develop your plan to reach your community
  • How to have a neighborhood saturation campaign
  • Where to find and use evangelistic tools

Discipleship Ministry

  • Learn how to disciple men
  • How to develop men’s discipleship groups
  • How to train men to win other men to Christ and to disciple other men
  • How to develop a women’s discipleship ministry

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