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Biblical Counseling 4

Biblical Counseling 4:
Study and Counseling Administration,
Pre-Marital Counseling, Intern Program (BC-4)
– 1 year

All previous study and biblical principles are brought to bear in actual counseling 
situations during this program. Having completed BC-3 as a trainee, the individual  becomes a lead counselor in conducting cases under the supervision of a senior counselor. You will assist senior counselors and counsel under supervision.  Students must receive a grade of “C-” or higher in BC-1, BC-2, and BC-3 before being eligible to take BC-4. After passing this course satisfactorily, you will receive your Biblical Counseling Certification.


  • How courtship can affect a marriage
  • How to live a holy life
  • Keys to understanding different personalities
  • Counseling techniques through counseling characters in the Bible
  • Issues that should be raised before marriage
  • Questions that should be asked during pre-marital counseling
  • How to write a case summary
  • How to counsel those who are divorced
  • How to do counseling research


One-on-one mentoring by a senior counselor
Analyzing real counseling cases
Your counseling skills will be critiqued by the counseling center director and senior counseling staff


Knowledge of how to use the homosexual bible study
A chance to graduate as a biblical counselor

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