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Biblical Counseling 1

Biblical Counseling (BC-1) – 14 weeks

The first course in Biblical Counseling Training provides the essential biblical principles for change.  We need to confront the failures and shortcomings in our own lives from a biblical viewpoint, and learn how to put off the old nature, and put on the new nature before we are able to help anyone else. The elements and principles of self-confrontation contained in the course are
used throughout the remainder of the courses.




  • How to have better marital and family communications
  • How to solve major problems in your life or how to live with problems with God’s peace and joy
  • How to continue to grow spiritually
  • How to discover and develop your spiritual gifts
  • Biblical principles for change that will solve marriage and family problems
  • How to deal with unsaved and rebellious family members
  • How to handle guilt
  • How to overcome a bad temper
  • How unbiblical thoughts lead to unbiblical deeds resulting in stress and tension
  • How to deal with depression
  • How to handle fear and anxiety
  • How to be reconciled as a person


Build strong spiritual character
Gain spiritual strength
Experience the blessings of God
Be prepared for future problems
You will know the procedure of problem identification and solution
You will know biblical principles for change that will solve problems


An opportunity to understand problems from a Biblical perspective

A proven, effective self-counseling course

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